My Training

As a professional doula, I’ve received training from a DONA certified organization, and maintain my skills and knowledge through continued education and research. This training helps me stay up to date with the most relevant information, and ensures I’m providing you with the best care possible. I invite you to review my training qualifications and experience below.

Birth Doula Training

Simpkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations

​Training in responsive birth support, including:

Anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, fetal development, labor, postpartum, and breastfeeding

Emotions of pregnancy

Pain management techniques

Medical procedures used in labor

Labor variations and complications, including Cesarean birth

The emotional and psychological aspects of giving birth and its significance in women's lives

The doula's role, professional ethics, standards of practice, and certification

Emotional support and physical comfort measures

Support for difficult labors, Cesarean birth, and vaginal birth after Cesarean

Postpartum Doula Training

Simpkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations

Training in postpartum support, including:

The role of the doula in supporting breastfeeding

Bottle feeding safety and techniques

Nurturing families with more than one infant

New mother care

New baby care

Integrating the birth experience

The emotional transition of the new family

Postpartum mood disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PMADS)

Certified Lactation Educator

Evergreen Perinatal Education

Training in best practice lactation care, including:​

Prenatal breast assessment

Cultural influences on infant feeding choices

Importance of breastfeeding for the teenager

Evidence-based care

Predictable newborn behaviors

Importance of positioning and latch in early breastfeeding

Assessment of newborn latch and suck

Supplements for breastfed babies – when are they needed?

Maternal nutrition

Hyperbilirubinemia (jaundice)

Breastfeeding challenges and problems 

Maternal medications and breastfeeding

On-going breastfeeding problems – yeast, mastitis, abscess, plugged ducts

Breastfeeding multiples

Breastfeeding the premature infant

Relationships in the breastfeeding family

Care of the slow to gain, poorly gaining infant

Relactation and nursing an adopted baby

The grief of a failed breastfeeding experience

PMADS and breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and the working mother

Breastfeeding the older child

When breastfeeding ends



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